We Ship Gluten-Free Frozen Food Anywhere in Contiguous USA

Who said eating gluten-free has to be boring? Did you know The Gluten-Free Mall ships gluten-free, frozen food anywhere in the Contiguous United States? For a flat rate, you can have gluten-free lasagna, chicken strips, raviolis, pizza, donuts and pies delivered right to your door. The cost of frozen shipping includes; shipping and handling, a cooler, dry ice, and up to 10 units of frozen, gluten-free food. Be sure to optimize your shipping value by filling your cooler with the full 10 units of gluten-free food. Frozen unit amounts can be easily located in parentheses next to the name of each gluten-free frozen item. Place your frozen order today, and enjoy eating like a normal person again!

For more information, please visit the author's Celiac Disease Information Site.