Do you have a Web site? If you do, you can jump into the world of electronic commerce today by joining our The Gluten-Free Mall® Affiliates Program! Our affiliate program is an easy way for you to make money by helping us to sell great gluten-free products. After you create an account you will choose from a variety of banners and links to add to your site so you can begin racking up sales. You will earn 3% commission on each sale that you send to us--and there is NO LIMIT to how many visitors you can send or how much you can make.

Sign up right now and start earning commissions today. After you have completed the short application form just log into your affiliate account and pick out your banners. We will take care of the rest, including processing and fulfilling the orders, as well as tracking how much money you've earned. Last, and best of all, being an affiliate does not cost you anything!

The Gluten-Free Mall® has compiled this info so that you may be better informed about our affiliate program.

If you have any questions please Contact Us for more information.

Visit our New Affiliate page and create your account. We will need your United States Tax ID or Social Security Number, as we adhere to all U.S. tax laws and federal regulations. Please fill out our application completely, including all payment information that we will need to make payments to you for sales that are generated through your affiliate links.

Once you have created an account and have logged into it you will see an area called "Affiliate Banners." Within this area you can choose from several The Gluten-Free Mall® image banners or text links that you will put within your Web site. These links have a special affiliate code that will track visits and purchases made by visitors who come to our site through yours. You can create custom links to specific products within our site, or junk link to our home page. Just cut and past the code from the link you want to use into your Web site to begin generating sales and making money.

No, like most affiliate systems all affiliate earnings are based solely on a percentage of actual sales recorded from affiliate referrals.

We pay you 7% of product sales--this percentage does not include the shipping amount or any taxes associated with each order.

Simply log in to your affiliate account with your email and password to gain access to your statistics. In the Affiliate Reports area you will find a detailed account of your referral activity and the sales that were generated via your affiliate links.

Payment is sent only for affiliate accounts with $50 or more due from the prior month. Checks are printed and mailed on the 15th of each month. There is a $5 processing fee for printed checks to be mailed domestically (U.S. only. International affiliates requiring printed checks will incur actual postage plus a $3 handling fee). Please allow 5-10 business days for domestic U.S. Mail delivery and 2-5 weeks for international mail.

Electronic payments are processed via Paypal on the 15th of each month and require no additional processing fees. We highly recommend that you create a Paypal account for this to avoid any processing fees.

No, affiliates are not The Gluten-Free Mall® employees and are considered independent contractors. As such they are subject to the tax laws that govern independent contractors for the state where they do business. We do not withhold taxes from affiliate earnings, and it is their responsibility to pay taxes on the money they earn as affiliates in our program.

By far the graphical banner links to our home page generate the most clicks and sales. The larger the banner the more clicks and sales it will generate. You can experiment with the various banners that we offer to see which one works best for your site.

Many studies have shown that the areas on Web pages that have the highest click through rates are located in the top-area of a site's home page, and that the top-right area may be the best position for the most click-throughs.

To maximize your affiliate revenue you can place banners throughout your site's pages, and you can also create product pages on your site with picture links to specific The Gluten-Free Mall® products.

If you have any questions or problems with your affiliate account just E-mail Us and we will respond quickly.

No, there is no maximum--be sure to read the tips above to help you maximize your revenue--good luck!