A Gluten-Free 4th of July!


Most American parades and festivals revolve around good old fashioned American food. Most people will be enjoying corn-dogs, french fries, waffle-cone sundaes, cakes, and other delicious desserts. Fourth of July celebrations are not likely to be very different from other festivals, and as a gluten-free person, it is important to be prepared for some good old fashioned American junk food-gluten-free.

Waffle-cones are an American favorite, and you don't have to go without just because you are gluten-free. Waffle-cone sundaes are easy to make gluten-free. Make sure to buy gluten-free waffle cones and gluten-free chocolate sauce, gluten-free whipped cream (homemade is the best), and also gluten-free toppings. Put it all together with your favorite fruit and you have a waffle-cone sundae fit for a celiac.

For more information, please visit the author's Celiac Disease Information Site.