Reward Point Program FAQ - Tests

To thank you for your support, we want to give something back. That's where our Reward Point Program comes in! You can earn points on products you buy and those points will be added to your account, giving you credit on future orders. It's as simple as that!

When you place an order, the product total on the order will be used to calculate the amount of points earned. You will earn points for all products including those that are on sale or otherwise discounted, i.e. you will receive points for the amount you are paying for! After your order is completed, the points will be added to your account and show up under the 'Shopping Cart' on the right side of your screen. These points will be stored in your account until you are ready to use them. Please note: The Gluten Free Mall Shopping Points have no cash value and will expire after 1 year of when they were earned or after 1 year of inactivity in your account.

*Shipping fees and taxes are excluded and will not add to your point balance. You must set up an account in order to earn and save points.*

For every $1.00 spent, 1 point will be earned. The example below will help you determine the value of your points:

Product Cost: $100.00 = 100 points earned

Each point is worth $.10, so 100 points means $10 credit!

If you have a point balance showing on your account: during the checkout process, on the same page that you select a payment method, there will be a box to select whether you would like to use points on your order. Please note, you will still have to select another payment method if there are not enough in your Shopping Points Account to cover the cost of your purchase.

Continue the checkout procedure and at the confirmation page you'll notice that the value of the points redeemed will have been credited towards your order. Once you confirm your order, your Shopping Points account will be updated and the points used deducted from your balance.

Customers need to have a total of 100 points in order to redeem reward points.

Customers need to have a total of 100 points in order to redeem reward points. The order total should be equal to or greater than the amount of points you wish to redeem. A maximum of 250 points is allowed to be redeemed on an order ($25 worth).

You will earn points for products only (no shipping), including those that discounted. You will earn points on orders that use points, but you will only earn them for the value of items not being paid for by previous points.

You can earn Referral Points by sharing our site with a friend! When a friend that you refer places an order on our site there will be a place in the checkout process (on the payment method page) where they can enter your email address as the person who referred them to us. Once they submit their order, your account will be awarded 50 points.

You can earn points by setting up an account with the Gluten Free Mall! When you set up an account on our website, you will receive 50 points into your shopping cart to help start you on your way to more savings on our website!

You can earn Product Review Points by sharing constructive feedback on the products you purchase! Product reviews will assist us in improving our product offerings and services to provide you with the best options. Each thoughtful review will be awarded 10 points ($1). Your reviews must be approved by Gluten Free Mall, so to have the review published and receive points, the review must:

  • Contain original content, and the product must have been purchased from Gluten Free Mall
  • Be focused and concise, and relate directly to the quality of the product under review
  • Be truthful and objective, with detail and reasoning provided to back up the rating
  • Not include any spam or advertising content

*Gluten Free Mall reserves the right to refuse or remove any review that does not comply with these conditions. Grammatical and spelling errors will be corrected before review is published. Gluten Free Mall is not responsible or liable for reviews posted by customers.

For any issues or queries regarding our Reward Point Program, please contact us .