Pure Indian Foods Organic Grass Fed Cultured Ghee

Gluten Free
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Pure Indian Foods Organic Grass Fed Cultured Ghee
Certified Organic Grassfed Ghee Made From Non-Homogenized Milk Ghee is a healthy, shelf-stable alternative to plain butter or other cooking oils. Indian ghee is used as an ingredient in traditional dishes, as an ideal fat for frying, and even in Ayurvedic medicine!
Golden colored Ghee is prepared by melting and simmering unsalted butter until all the water evaporates and the milk solids settle at the bottom. The remaining butter oil is very stable, giving it a high smoke point which makes it an excellent choice to use for frying and sautéing and it can be stored without refrigeration for several months. Ghee is also known as Indian Clarified Butter,
Seafood Butter, Drawn Butter, Butter Oil, or Ghee Butter. In India and other South Asian countries, it is also known as Desi Ghee, Pure Ghee, Asli Ghee or Ghritam. Ghee is a dairy product and as such it is gluten-free. This information applies to all of our ghee products, which includes ghee, cultured ghee, coconut ghee, spiced ghee, and Coffee++, unless stated otherwise.
Pure Indian Foods produces certified organic ghee using milk sourced from grass-fed, ethically raised cows. This ensures that the ghee has a healthy ratio of Omega fatty acids and that it tastes better than non-grassfed ghee as well! Pure Indian Foods' ghee is truly pure. We make no unnecessary additions to the ghee - no salt, no preservatives, and no flavor enhancers. Just milk.
Our ghee products are Whole30® approved, and are suitable for a paleo/primal
Shelf Life: 10 months
Ingredients: organic pasteurized cultured butter (made from non- homogenized whole milk from grass-fed cows) 
Contains - milk
Product of United States
Gluten-Free | Paleo

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